Why Dr. Doni?

5 Reasons to Buy Your Natural Health Supplements from Dr. Doni 

These days it’s easy to find health supplements on the Internet. Even large retailers like Amazon carry a wide variety of products from which to choose. At first glance, it can sometimes look like you might be getting a “better deal” from these online stores, as they sometimes seem cheaper in price. But the true cost of your supplements is not always what it seems to be. Here are five good reasons why buying your supplements from Dr. Doni is actually a better deal than buying from large retail outlets. 

REASON 1: Quality control 

Natural supplements need to be stored in the right environment. Storing them at the incorrect temperature or humidity can seriously degrade them. Also, if they are stored for too long before they are consumed, they can become significantly less effective than when they are fresh. 

When you purchase natural supplements from a large retailer, you are taking a gamble with these important factors in quality control. You have no way of knowing how old the supplements are, or if they have been stored correctly. But Dr. Doni makes sure all her natural supplements are stored in the right environment, and that they turn over frequently. In fact, she has a team of people on her staff hired just for this purpose. This means you will always receive product that is as fresh and as potent as possible. 

Supplements also vary widely in terms of their strength. This can make it difficult for you to know how much to take to get the best result. In fact, retailers might have many different options, with little or no guidance as to which is the best choice. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Doni has personally selected what she considers to be the optimal daily dosage – neither too little nor too much – for all the supplements in her shop. 

REASON 2: No hidden costs 

Many people are attracted to the promise of “free shipping” on some of the larger retail shops. But when you look at it closely, “free” is never actually free. Free shipping on Amazon Prime, for example, only comes when you have paid for an Amazon Prime membership. Whether this actually saves you money is down to how many times a year you place an order. 

Other sites might offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount, or give discounts on multi-purchases. But buying too much product at one time just to save in shipping might leave you with a cupboard full of old, stale supplements in a few months’ time. If that happens, the money you thought you “saved” is wasted. In fact, you might have ended up paying more.  

Before being tempted by such discounts on retail sites, take a moment to consider what, if anything, you are really saving, or whether there are any hidden costs to these supposed discounts. 

REASON 3: Ethical and legal considerations 

You might be surprised to know that many top manufacturers of natural supplements require resellers to sign a legal contract agreeing they will NOT sell their products for less than their suggested retail cost. This means that, in many cases, when you see a third-party selling a supplement for a discount price, they are actual in violation of this legal agreement. While this may or may not matter to you, it matters to Dr. Doni. She wants to maintain a good business relationship with these companies, who are committed to distributing only the highest quality health supplements. Trying to make a quick sale by undercutting the competition would put this important professional relationship at risk. 

REASON 4: Personal care 

Buying natural supplements can often be a maze of confusing information. Dr. Doni is committed to providing you with as much information as possible, so you can feel confident and informed when purchasing your supplements. She puts great care into her online product descriptions. She writes weekly blog posts about a wide range of health issues, often including information about supplements. There is even a search engine on her website to make it easy for you to find this information. Most large retailers simply do not offer this level of information to their customers. 

Sometimes, even with all this information, customers still have questions. They want to be sure they are buying the right product for their needs. That’s why every week, Dr. Doni’s team take the time to answer dozens of such questions they receive from their customers – via email and over the phone. They personally reply to every enquiry, even if the customer is not one of Dr. Doni’s patient. It would be difficult to find a large retailer who is willing (or able) to offer this level of care. 

REASON 5: We’re not here just to make money 

Dr. Doni isn’t here just to make money by selling supplements. She and her entire team CARE about your health. The aim of using supplements is to help you feel WELL. But… 

What if those supplements didn’t work quite as well as you had hoped?

What if you experienced some side effects?

 What if you’re trying out supplements for an ongoing health issue, but you don’t actually know what is going on with your health?

What if you need tests, treatment and a more personalized plan of action?

What if you want more help and support?

Helping you get well, feel well and stay well is the real reason why Dr. Doni is here. You are not a “customer”. You are someone who matters.  

That is probably the biggest thing that makes Dr. Doni’s shop a better deal than large retailers.