The Stress Remedy 7 Day Program
The Stress Remedy 7 Day Program

The Stress Remedy 7 Day Program

Manufacturer: Dr. Doni
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7 Days to Overcome Burnout and Reset Your Health

Dr. Doni's Stress Remedy 7-Day Program is a transition diet and stress rebalancing program that frees your body from toxins, stress, diet and lifestyle burnout without extreme cleansing or fasting.

Why choose the Stress Remedy 7-Day Program?

Dr. Doni created this program for those whose health has been negatively affected by stress, but who can't spare 2-3 weeks to do a traditional cleanse or detox.

In just 7 days, this program can help you reset poor digestion, unhealthy cravings, weight, mood, and sleep patterns.

It offers the perfect health reset between holidays, business trips, post-illness, pre-vacation, or to help you get your eating habits back on track.

Finally, you can stop mortgaging your health because you don't have time.

Dr. Doni's Stress Remedy 7-Day Program Includes:

  • 1 container (15 scoops) Stress Remedy Program Pea Protein Shake (Formerly known as The Hampton's Cleanse Shake) - choose from Vanilla or Chocolate - Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar free, Plant-based, Non-GMO (find links to shakes below)
  • A eBook copy of the 7-Day Stress Remedy Program Guidebook
  • 7 days of inspiring emails with encouraging guidance and helpful tips on the topics of Food, Sleep, Exercise and Stress Reduction
  • Meal Plan
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
To View Dr. Doni's Stress Remedy Protein Shake in VANILLA flavor, Click Here
To View Dr. Doni's Stress Remedy Protein Shake in CHOCOLATE flavor, Click Here

The Stress Remedy 7-Day Program works by: 

  • Decreasing toxins in your body, food and environment.
  • Supporting you to avoid gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and sugar - foods that commonly increase stress.
  • Reducing harmful inflammation through avoidance of inflammatory foods, stress reduction techniques, and specific nutrition.
  • Dissolving sugar cravings by optimizing nutrition, balancing sleep, reducing stress, and stabilizing blood sugar.
  • Optimizing digestion through eliminating trigger-foods, increasing phyto-nutrients, and stress balancing techniques.
  • Promoting weight loss by balancing blood sugar, increasing sleep, reducing inflammation, and promoting new eating habits.
  • Balancing mood by regulating digestion and alleviating stress on your body, mind, and spirit.
Start the 7-day Program Today!

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