Say Goodbye to HPV with Dr. Doni - Online Course
Say Goodbye to HPV with Dr. Doni - Online Course

Say Goodbye to HPV with Dr. Doni - Online Course

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Say Goodbye to HPV with Dr. Doni

6-Week Online Course

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Diagnosed with HPV? This is what you need to know to address HPV and get your pap smear to negative.

The Powerful Protocol that has helped more than 90% of the HPV cases in Dr. Doni's practice.

In this six-session course, Dr. Doni will teach you everything you need to know about HPV and give you the essential steps of her successful protocol, giving you the knowledge you need to be your own advocate and get HPV to negative... by understanding YOUR body, YOUR unique susceptibilities, and how to heal your body naturally. 

Dr. Doni will cover:

What exactly is HPV?
What is making you susceptible to HPV?
What can you do to address HPV?
How to read your pap smear result?
Which supplements should you take?
How to recover from stress in order to fend off HPV.
How to heal leaky gut in order to make your body resilient to HPV.
Learn to use Dr. Doni's successful approach to make your HPV protocol effective.

Getting HPV to negative is possible with the right information and the right individualized approach. Dr. Doni wants you to get the knowledge you need so you can create a healthy, happy life by knowing what your body needs. This course is the first step!

The value of this Say Goodbye to HPV with Dr. Doni Course is over $1500.

HPV is extremely common. In fact, 

it is believed that 95% of sexually active people have been exposed to it. 

Because of its prevalence, this information needs to be accessible so you can apply it from home and 

anonymous so that you don't have to feel isolated. 

With this course, you'll learn all about Dr. Doni's approach

and how to apply it for yourself for $297

Plus you'll have access to the following resources that will support your healing journey...

What your investment includes:

Six weekly sessions that walk you through Dr. Doni’s HPV protocol

Weekly Q&A sessions to go even deeper into common questions and concerns

Weekly worksheets to help you implement what you learn

Supplement protocol personalization tool

Plus the following bonuses...

10% discount on supplements for 6 weeks

Dr. Doni's Stress Warrior Book

Who is this program for? 

  • Women who tested positive for HPV and have no abnormal cells or mildly abnormal cells.

  • Women with pre-cancerous cells on the cervix who want to integrate natural therapies to stop the virus.

  • Men who knows he has or was exposed to HPV
  • Men and women who want to prevent HPV from becoming an issue

Here's what a past course participant wants you to know...

"Dr. Doni’s reverse HPV course is hope I’ve been looking for. The typical response to HPV is the “wait and see” approach. Although I’m sure it works for some people, for me it left me feeling hopeless and ashamed. I had trouble finding support from my friends and in the mainstream because nobody talks about HPV even though it’s incredibly common. Dr. Doni’s course first and foremost was a safe space for people to get helpful information and ask the questions we’ve been too ashamed to ask. She empowers you to know that there are natural tools that you can use to help your body fight this virus. and she teaches you exactly how to use them! Her support is genuine and thoughtful, and although she has her own line of supplements she never pressures you to purchase anything, and provides all types of alternative options to suit your budget and type of HPV. I’m incredibly grateful to have the knowledge she provided, and I hope to soon be one of her many success stories." ~ T.C.

And here are notes from Dr. Doni's patients who had advanced cases with pre-cancerous cells and HPV. They worked with Dr. Doni to get their PAP smear back to normal and HPV to negative. 

I got my newest report and was told I am all clear! I had stage 2 pre-cancer cells on my cervix and HPV. I want to tell you that I got my newest report and was told I am all clear! No HPV, nothing. Thank you so much!!" - R.M.

“I am forever grateful for having met Dr. Doni and to have learned through her that health and well-being can be viewed and supported in a wholistic, life-affirming way. Dr. Doni Wilson was the first doctor I met who not only did not respond to my diagnosis with alarm and reprimand, but gently and confidently expressed her belief that the dysplasia was a complex of conditions that could not only be reversed but could be prevented from returning. The difference between the two systems of thought could not have been more dramatic: one accused me of putting myself in danger for not rushing to surgery to remove part of my cervix and the other calmly, confidently reinforced my own strength and the strength of my body to heal itself with proper medical guidance and supportive intervention.

Over the course of three months under naturopathic care, I was given treatments which were gentle and simple, put on a regimen of vitamin and mineral supplements, and given dietary suggestions. Following the protocol strictly, I went back to a traditional gynecologist for a follow-up pap exam. When results came back, my severe dysplasia (originally diagnosed as “pre-cancer”) had reversed to mild, a condition that even traditional doctors agree would likely go away on its own.

In three short months, I went from certain cancer to normal health. In the process, I was left wondering why such simple, effective and whole-body treatment was so difficult to find and so dismissed by even the most recognized and competent physicians. When I reported my results to Dr. Doni, she calmly celebrated the results and said with confidence that we would now work together on healing the mild dysplasia and getting rid of the HPV. Something every other traditional doctor said was impossible.

I am living, ecstatic proof that the “impossible” is in fact possible. Dr. Doni did nothing short then save me from devastating surgery and proved to me that the body has incredible power to heal itself under the support and guidance of a trained, knowledgeable naturopathic doctor.  I am forever grateful for having met Dr. Doni and to have learned through her that health and well-being can be viewed and supported in a wholistic, life-affirming way. I cannot imagine functioning in the world we live in now, with all its complexity and stresses, without this sophisticated and generous method of treating the whole patient, mind and body that is naturopathic care." - S. N.

"Although I only consulted with Dr. Doni briefly in 2014 in regards to my CIN 3 cervical dysplasia/HPV her work is absolutely appreciated and left a lasting impression. I would not hesitate to work with her again in the future if I have any health concerns to address. It is now 5 years later and I just had my pap test and blood test and I am still dysplasia and HPV free. Doctors are always intrigued when I tell them the details, unfortunately some clearly remain skeptical, but others want to learn more to help their patients. I know I may have faced a far more dire situation had I not consulted with Dr. Doni. I hope that this protocol reaches more women so they know they have other options. Surgery is generally traumatizing and doesn't address the root cause. It is far more empowering as a woman to know you have the tools available to heal and that we can educate and heal each other." - A.C.

About Dr. Doni Wilson:

Hi, I'm Dr. Donielle (Doni) Wilson, a naturopathic doctor, professional midwife, clinical nutritionist, bestselling author, researcher, natural products formulator, and mother.

With a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University and training with Dr. Tori Hudson, I've helped thousands of patients from around the world over the past 20 years to find solutions to their most puzzling health issues including HPV and abnormal pap smears.

I believe by understanding what your body needs, you can give it the support it needs to be healthy even though we are all exposed to stress. It is all about stress recovery. : ) 


Who is this course for?
This online course is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the HPV virus and how to successfully get rid of it, for good. No prior knowledge is needed. We'll be starting with the basics!

What information will be covered? 

Dr. Doni will cover the basics of HPV, understanding abnormal pap smears, and what makes us susceptible to HPV. She'll explain her successful approach to HPV and how she has helped hundreds of women reverse HPV and abnormal pap smears. Dr. Doni will cover the products and doses she recommends, and why. She'll discuss the additional health panels she recommends and how to get to the root causes of HPV to be sure it will go away for good.

What's included?

Six weekly sessions including recorded answers to most common questions

Handouts and worksheets to assist you to utilize this information for yourself

Step-by-step support to create a protocol of supplements

Dr. Doni's Stress Warrior Book

A discount of 10% off supplements at during the course. The supplements are NOT included in the price of the course.

What if I can't attend live?
No worries. This course is recorded and available for you to access at your convenience!

I'm not sure I need this?
If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with HPV and/or an abnormal pap smear results, and you are wondering what it means and how to address it, this seminar will give you access to the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. 

Are you going to offer this course live at a later time?
The course may be offered live within 6 months to a year. Please contact us to be placed on the waiting list. In the meantime, you can access the online course sessions at your convenience. 

Have more questions? Contact us at [email protected] for more information!

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