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StrateGene® provides a literal map of how genes are built so strategic choices can be made each and every day. With expanded pathways and indepth analysis, StrateGene® is ready to provide data you need to support their health.

Genetic Reports are Powerful When Done Right

Genetic reports featuring fast, easy solutions are the norm. However, they can be ineffective and potentially dangerous. Your body is beautifully complex and so should be your genetic report.

At first glance, you’ll quickly see how comprehensive your StrateGene®? Report is. You are holding an actual map of yourself. Your customized report will show you which of your genes work slowly, which work faster, and how each of your genes are impacted from every day influences such as stress, infections, inflammation, and nutrient deficiency.

Genes work together as a team.

Genes don't work in isolation, they work together as a team. This is why StrateGene® presents your genetic findings in Pathways, which are visual interpretations of the biochemical processes within your own body. You’ll get an instant glimpse into how entire Pathways are impacted by your unique set of genetics. It’s not bad. It’s not good. It’s you. You’re different and now you’ll know why – fast.

With StrateGene®, you have access to the StrateGene® Core Report which provides in-depth insights into your unique biochemistry, in an easy-to-interpret visual format. The report features 75 Genes and 147 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) across your:
Folate Pathway
Methionine Pathway
Methylation Cycle (combined Folate and Methionine Pathways)
Serotonin and Melatonin Pathway
Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine Pathway
Biopterin Pathway
Histamine Pathway

Researched Genetic Variants
Discover your most important genetic variants, hand-picked by a research team based on select criteria
Pathway Diagrams
Visualize gene-gene-gene interactions so you can quickly see the big picture
Vitamins and Minerals
Nutrients associated with each gene are clearly defined
Influencing Factors
Find out what is speeding your genes up, and what’s slowing them down
Full Bibliography
References to back up claims and share with your doctor or patients
Doctor Trusted
Used by health professionals across the globe
Community Support
Private, members-only group for support
Raw Data
Included for browsing and download

How the process works:

Purchase your DNA test kit. Your kit ships free to your door in 2-6 business days with free standard shipping within the United States.

Create a free account and register your kit at so you can log in to view the status of your test and see your results. Record your Tube ID.

Spit into the saliva collection tube up to the fill line or swab your cheek and follow the in-box instructions to mix in the stabilizing liquid, cap the tube, and shake.

Your kit will arrive with a prepaid return shipping label attached and ready to ship. Just drop your sealed kit into any USPS mailbox or post office.

Explore our collection of educational videos and resources including the Quickstart Guide and How to Understand Your StrateGene Report to learn about your results and gain a better understanding of the pathways affected by your genes.

Ask questions and learn even more from a community of peers and health professionals by joining our private StrateGene® Facebook group. 

StrateGene® restores credibility to genetic reports

After 23andme launched, a myriad of genetic reports hit the market. At first, the medical community was excited about them but then, over time, it became apparent how ineffective they were. Report after report was riddled with errors, unscientific, and not looking at the whole picture.

Instead of helping, these genetic reports were hurting people, putting fear in their heads, and confusing health professionals. In 2015, Dr. Ben Lynch developed the StrateGene® report out of necessity. He knew that genetic testing was a useful tool. It just needed someone to integrate research of not only genetic variations but also how each gene is influenced by lifestyle, diet, and the environment.

StrateGene® is now regarded as the go-to genetic report due to its scientific integrity and big picture presentation.

Wanting to improve StrateGene®, Dr. Lynch and his research team continued to scour the literature for genetic variations which were common, well-researched, and made a significant impact in how genes function. After several years of research, he and his team identified hundreds of genetic variants that are significant to human health, and that no other testing company was reporting. This led to Dr. Lynch to develop his own genetic test. Now, for the first time, hundreds of genetic variations which are important for people to know about are identified by the all-new StrateGene® Genetic Test.

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