Dr. Doni's Self-Care Kickstarter Package
Dr. Doni's Self-Care Kickstarter Package

Dr. Doni's Self-Care Kickstarter Package

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Dr. Doni's Self-Care Kickstarter Package

For overall self-care, get started with:

• Stress Warrior Book: Dr. Doni's latest best selling book on how to become resilient to stress by healing leaky gut, balancing cortisol and neurotransmitters, and knowing your genetics. Complete with stories from successful Stress Warriors who followed her protocol.

• Foundational Daily Support Packets: Multivitamin, fish oil, probiotics, vitamin D and magnesium, all in convenient twice a day dosing packets to make it easy to get the perfect set of nutrients for wellness and prevention.

• 1 Pea Protein Shake Container: Get in the habit of avoiding dairy (whey) and having protein by making a protein shake using Dr. Doni's vegan protein powder. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors (your choice in this gift package) and is sweetened with stevia (plant-based) not sugar. Perfect for someone wanting to balance blood sugar, optimize weight and heal leaky gut.

• Stress Remedy Program Guide with Shake Recipes Included

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