Bone Support

Taking good care of your bones involves more than just getting enough calcium, just as there are many factors that influence your health and well-being. Your day-to-day food and activity choices play a major role, as do the natural changes in estrogen and progesterone levels that women experience throughout their lives.

It is well known that the hormonal changes that happen around menopause – the reduction in estrogen and progesterone – have a big effect on bone health, reducing bone density and increasing a woman’s risk of osteoporosis. However, I encourage everyone to be thinking about their bone health throughout their life, not just women but men, too.

For more on the topic, please see Dr. Doni's article:
There’s More to Good Bone Health Than You Might Think

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Vitamin D/K2, 1 oz
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Bone Support Formula, 180 capsules
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Vitamin D 1000, 90 capsules
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Vitamin D-5000, 60 capsules
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Vitamin D3 Liquid, 22.5ml
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Vitamin D3 5000 IU, 90 vegetarian capsules
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Magnesium Oxide, 100 capsules
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Vitamin K2 (1mg/drop)
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Triple Magnesium 250mg, 90 capsules
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Calcium/Magnesium, 120 tablets
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Cal-Mag Citrate, 7.5 oz
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